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The muddy season is at our doorstep, with wear being a larger enemy of the bike. Frame protection against abrasion, but also all season long against stone chipping can keep your frame in top shape. All Mountain Style addresses this in addition to improving/customizing the looks of your bike. About 16 months ago I put the AMS Frame Guard on the bike, so it’s time for a long term review.


Looking for lightweight trail/enduro pedals you’ll be balancing between weight and durability. With Shimano’s track record in durability and their competitive pricing, you could be easily swayed to team blue. Even the iconic SPD goes back about 30 years and barely needed change, but the pedals as a whole did changed a lot over time. At the forefront of this innovation sits XTR and the M9210 Trail is Shimano’s newest offering that we’re going to have a closer look at.

MTB track Brunssummerheide September 21st, 2019 |  Written by

Moorland provides opportunities for beautiful MTB track, place it in an area with more altitude differences like South Limburg and you have the MTB track Brunssummerheide. Flowy singletrails, short steep climbs and some technical challenges makes the MTB track Brunssummerheide a recommendation in South Limburg.

MTB route Sellingen March 17th, 2019 |  Written by

The MTB route Sellingen shows you how varied the landscape in Groningen can be. In addition to the usual views over the fields, you also ride through the forest, heathland and various villages. The trails also have enough variety to retain your attention without being too difficult.

MTB route Hoogezand March 16th, 2019 |  Written by

Mountain biking in the open plains of Groningen? The MTB route Hoogezand gives you that possibility. However, this is not what you call a typical MTB route. The simplicity of the trails and roads provide a very accessible route for any starting (mountain) biker. Don’t set your expectations too high regarding the trails.

MTB route Austerlitz September 11th, 2018 |  Written by

This flat 15km novice route lets you ride over the many single trails that the MTB route Austerlitz has to offer. Despite the fact that the route runs over the Utrecht Hill Ridge, there are only 87 altitude meters to be collected due to riding over many large bumps. The partly overlapping MTB route Zeist can also be ridden to increase your cycling fun.

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Endura’s MT500 helmet is their flagship offering and part of their MT500 trail performance lineup, where a no-compromise on features, comfort and safety is sought after for this helmet. Endura chose to divert from the path of MIPS and chose to incorporate the relatively new Koroyd technology to improve the safety of the MT500 helmet to a more ambitious level.


As budget GPS units have to compete with smartphones, they need some features to add value. The Bryton Rider 330 has a battery life of 36 hours, can follow GPS routes and supports ANT+ to do so. It’s small and with 54grams not that heavy to carry around. The Bryton Rider 330 has been on my bike for the past year for most of my rides and accumulated 4452km of on- and off-road riding. It’s still going still going strong, but there are a few caveats you should know of.

MTB route Leersum June 23rd, 2018 |  Written by

Riding over 18km of narrow off-road trails with many ups and downs close to the trees, that is the MTB route Leersum. With slight elevation gain (310m) and only few moments of rest, this is a challenging route that runs through the natural area of the Utrecht Hill Ridge.

Want to know in a 5km a crash course what mountain biking in the Netherlands has to offer? The MTB route Sint Pietersberg is a complete route with climbs, descents, technical trails, beautiful sceneries and runs completely off-road.

MTB route Riemst April 12th, 2018 |  Written by

The MTB route Riemst gives you within 12km and 192m of elevation gain a simple taste of what this border region with the Netherlands has to offer. This route is excellent for the novice mountain biker who wants to climb a little, wants to enjoy the scenery and doesn’t feel a need to be challenged that much in terms of skills.

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