MTB route Amerongen March 18th, 2018 |  Written by

The MTB route Amerongen also uses the well-maintained flowy trails of the Utrechse Heuvelrug, but adds more challenging trails into the mix. This MTB route has a variety of trails that offer a challenge for the average mountain biker and the nature areas invite you the watch the beautiful scenery when you’re not on the single tracks.

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You might shout to get hikers out of the way or just blast right past them. But there’s also a politer way, a way that the next time he sees a mountain biker, he doesn’t poke a stick in your front wheel. I’m checking out six compact bells in a price range up to 15 euro’s and subject them to several tests, including loudness, impact and ease of use. So, let’s first take a look at the contenders.

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While it’s popular bigger brother, the Giro Synthe, has all the features at a premium price. The Cinder offers nearly all the same features at only half the price. MIPS is getting more and more integrated on new helmets, like the Cinder, but there still remains a lack of testing results. And I, involuntarily, took one for the team in this one...

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A high-volume pump that comes with a digital pressure gauge is rarely seen on mini pumps. The Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive should be a quick, accurate and portable pump for those inconvenient moments during your mountain bike rides. Making sure that you continue your ride in no time with optimum tire pressures. With the classic Lezyne Alloy Drive as base for this digital version, the bar is set high.

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Crankbrothers pedals are well known for their mud shedding capabilities, but also have a bad reputation in terms of reliability. That is why, since 2016, they have introduced new bearings and seals for all pedals. So, in order to check if it’s actually is an improvement, it was time for a long-term review. So after almost 4300km, 2 visits to a bike park and 6 XC races, its time to look back and see how well they managed.

MTB route Theux (blue) September 9th, 2017 |  Written by

On the edge of the Ardennes, where the elevation differences clearly influence the scenery and trails that aren’t yet very challenging, is where the MTB route Theux (blue loop) lies. With the 835m of total elevation gain at 35km of route, it’s more like a warming up for the Ardennes with a main emphasis on the beautiful scenery.

MTB route Rhenen Kwintelooyen August 26th, 2017 |  Written by

With only 2,9km of track the MTB route Kwintelooyen is one of the shortest but definitely not one of the easiest routes. While also ascending 117m, it compares to climbing de famous Dutch hill Cauberg twice. Furthermore, the somewhat technical and windy single tracks complete the picture of a short MTB route.

MTB route Rhenen July 8th, 2017 |  Written by

One of the most popular MTB routes on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug is the short MTB route Rhenen. On this short 6,5km track, time flies while riding on the fast, flowy and well maintained single tracks. This is a route suited for novice mountain bikers but, due to the variation of winding trails, offers enough fun for the more experienced riders.

With multiple MTB races a year and a MTB route, Assen is an attractive location for mountain bikers. The recreation area Baggelhuizen that has been chosen for this, features a mix of water, beach, forest and slight altitude differences. These are all ingredients to make an interesting MTB route.

MTB route Grolloo July 2nd, 2017 |  Written by

A short novice MTB route through the forest with a few singletrails over nearly flat terrain in the province of Drenthe. The MTB route Grolloo can, with its 15km and 118m of ascent, be considered novice route of a warming up for the adjacent MTB route Gieten.

MTB route Bellingwolde June 22nd, 2017 |  Written by

This novice route is suited for mountain bikers with good stamina that like the scenery of the province of Groningen. The MTB route Bellingwolde lets you ride for 48 km through the agricultural areas of Bellingwolde and its surroundings. This amounts to a flat route over many paved and country roads and the occasional strip of afforestation with single trails.

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