MTB route Nieuw-Amsterdam April 30th, 2015 |  Written by

The MTB route Nieuw-Amsterdam lets you ride for a large extent through the nature-rich recreational areas of Grote Rietplas and Parc Sandur. A few winding and somewhat technical single tracks are presented here. You also ride through the open meadows and over wide paths on the connecting roads between the wooded areas.

MTB route Nuth-Voerendaal December 14th, 2014 |  Written by

In the south of Limburg are many challenging mountainbe routes, but there are also a number of routes for beginners. The MTB route Nuth-Voerendaal lets you get acquainted with the landscape of Limburg without the tough climbs and challenging trails. The route has the ingredients for a relaxed and enjoyable ride.

MTB track Heerlen December 11th, 2014 |  Written by

The region Heerlen is a mountainbike intensive area which currently has 4 mountainbike routes. Everything is addressed here, single trails, technical climbs, challenging descents and a varying landscape. The route Heerlen (also called route 4) is the latest addition and we are now taking a closer look.

MTB track Horst December 10th, 2014 |  Written by

In 2013, MTB Club de Schaak finalized the new mountain bike route Horst. A mountain bike route in Horst / Meijel seemed very interesting location through the wooded and hilly areas. Now it has been a year for the trails to get its final shape. Let's look what the mtb route Horst has to offer.

MTB route Veendam November 26th, 2014 |  Written by

The mountain bike route in Veendam shows that, in the flat and rural province of Groningen, it is possible to mountain bike on a few nice tracks. The water-rich recreational area Borgerswold contains single tracks that have a nice flow to it. The north and south loop of the route let you ride through the urban and rural areas of Veendam.

MTB route Meerssen November 1st, 2014 |  Written by

Meerssen is a small village in the south of the Netherlands and offers a mountainbike trail with great variety. It has a total ascent of about 500 meters with a few solid climbs over a distance of 30km. A descent stamina is required. The average mountain biker will have to use his skills well to overcome some technical sections.

MTB route Heusden-Zolder October 4th, 2014 |  Written by

The MTB route Zolder consists of 3 loops that accumulate to 42km and 204m of ascent. This fast route mainly leads you over many country roads and paved roads. In the forest you will sporadically encounter an interesting single track and an old mini BMX track will provide some variety on otherwise simple novice MTB route.

MTB route Voeren October 2nd, 2014 |  Written by

The border crossing MTB route Voeren is hard to compare to any Dutch MTB route with its almost 800m of ascent over 44km and gives a taste of what lies ahead in Belgium. Some steep climbs and sometimes technical descents make this a route suited for the more experienced mountain biker. The route switches between beautiful scenery, narrow trails, country roads and relatively many paved roads.

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