MTB track Tielt-Winge (Solveld)

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A long MTB track for beginners with climbs, but without technically challenging trails The MTB route Tielt-Winge (Solveld) offers 44km and a surprising 531 ascending meters. It’s a track full of country roads with the occasional interesting trail. The focus of the track is therefore primarily on simplicity and environment.

THE LOCATION 2 star rating
MTB track Tielt-Winge (Solveld) is located about 10km east of Leuven and can be started easily from Sportpark 't Solveld. Central to this route is the village Tielt-Winge which is mostly surrounded by agricultural fields and some forested areas such as Tienbunderbos, Troostembergbos and Walenbos. Orchards you will also regularly in this region. However, the buildings of the village are for a large part of the track visible in the scenery. The terrain is hilly without his big altitude differences, but this is not always necessary for some beautiful views that you also encounter here.

THE TRAILS 1 star rating
The MTB track Tielt-Winge starts off with paved and wide country roads which sets the trend for the rest of the track. The offroad trails are usually country roads with gravel but in the ascents and descents are the trails worn and lie larger stones in the ground. Narrow single trails you'll hardly on this track. Despite the fact that there are multiple forested areas, you ride past the forest than through it. The few single trails you encounter are fairly narrow, have a good flow and are a bit technical.

THE CHALLENGE 3 star rating
With a combined length of 43km (blue + green loop) and 531m of elevation gain the MTB route Tielt-Winge offers a decent test of your fitness. The elevation gain is not evenly distributed but accumulates mostly on the short climbs. Usually the descent follows quickly and you’re back on relatively flat terrain where you can follow the track at your own pace. Under wet the track becomes extra challenging due to the large amount of muddy country roads. The MTB track Tielt-Winge offers on the technical side little challenge. The larges part of the track consists of country roads or paved roads. The rare singletracks that you come across have a good flow, have just a few tree roots and the trails have reasonable visibility. The most challenging part of this track are the worn trails in both the climbs and descents.

44.3 km, 02:42:42

THE FUN FACTOR 1 star rating
Starting at Sportpark 't Solveld you have to cope directly with paved roads and country roads in an area that has barely afforestation. This gave me immediately the feeling that you’re not going to get an exciting MTB track. Unfortunately, this trend sets through and makes the MTB track feel more like a transitional road between MTB tracks. Fortunately, nearing the end of the MTB track Tielt-Winge a few singletrails are introduced. A pair of winding trails through the woods, some steep climbs followed by a bit technical descent gives you the feeling of mountain biking a bit back. The worn trails provide here most of the challenge. The amount of “MTB trails” for a track of 43km and 531 ascending meters is quite low. The emphasis lies more on the environment where you can still encounter some beautiful vistas. For a beginner or someone who needs to build up fitness this is a great track, but the experienced trail orientated mountain biker won’t have much fun on this track.

The MTB track Tielt-Winge (Solveld) allows you ride 44km and 531hm when you combine the green and blue loop. You ride mainly through the seemingly flat landscape around the village of Tielt-Winge where the view extends far. Agricultural areas are interspersed with some buildings but the forests are in this picture pretty limited. When you finally come across a wooded area then the chances of you having to climb and coming across singletrails are big. The descent usually quickly follow without too much of a technical challenge. If you are looking for a technically challenging track, you should look further. The few trails you can consider as a MTB track are minimal and the challenge offered mainly comes through eroded trails and 44km length.

LOCATION 2 star rating
TRAILS 1 star rating
CHALLENGE 3 star rating
FUN 1 star rating
CONCLUSION   2 star rating

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