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Just a few kilometers from the Dutch border of South Limburg is where you find the MTB tracks Aubel. The hilly environment like South Limburg continues and becomes more pronounced, resulting in a route of 35km and 568vm. This sounds interesting at first but don’t have your hopes up too high for the MTB track Aubel.

THE LOCATION 3 star rating
After a short while it’s clear that the MTB track Aubel is not the type of track where you constantly ride through the woods, on the contrary, the paved roads prevail on this track. But this doesn’t mean that the scenery is subpar. A reasonable amount ascends provide a number of locations with beautiful scenery. Agriculture dominates in the area with a few wooded areas and streams. Urban areas are during the MTB track mostly visible but even riding through the villages you’ll notice little of the hustle and bustle. Exception is when there’s a market in Aubel, which is on Tuesday and Sunday morning.

THE TRAILS 2 star rating
The track is divided in a 3 loops: red, green and blue. The red and blue loop can be seen primarily as tracks on paved roads with the exception of a few off-road trails. Here you can barely speak of a “MTB track”. Barely, since you’ll find a narrow worn descent with large loose rocks and tree roots in the red loop. Other off-road trails let you ride over sand, gravel, grass or forest land. The green loop runs through a forested area with more single trails and off-road climbs. The off-road descents have smooth lines on a mainly grass surface without any real obstacles. The speed in off-road descents is held high like the descents on the road, but vision isn’t always that clear.

THE CHALLENGE 3 star rating
The three loops (red: 18km, blue: 11km, green 15km) offer novices and more experienced mountain bikers different challenges. The blue loop is the lightest and easiest of the three with a high percentage of paved roads. With only a length of 11km, ~ 150vm and a few simple off-road trails it suits novice mountain bikers. The red loop is a bit more challenging with about 280vm and a few challenging descents that are less suitable for novices. Green loop offers the biggest challenge with ~ 320vm and various technical off-road trails. The climbs are generally steeper, more technical and longer. The descents aren’t that technical but fast.

34.8 km, 02:56:02

THE FUN FACTOR 2 star rating
MTB track Aubel has several short loops that can be ridden separately but combined it feels more to me like a MTB track. This way you won’t ride the loops completely but you won’t miss out on much. The first thing I noticed is the large number of paved roads included in the route. During the ride I was able to enjoy the surroundings and the scenery, but the afforestation and trails are aspects that I really miss in this area. The red has little to offer, only a climb through the woods and a nice descent has stayed with me. The blue loop felt more like riding on my road bike which is very unfortunate given the potential of the area. The green loop on the other hand looked a lot more like the MTB track that I had expected before coming to Aubel. A few more difficult climbs, fast descents and many more off-road trails compared to the other loops make the green loop the nicest of the three to ride.

The surroundings of Aubel create a high expectation of the MTB track Aubel, which it can only partly live up to. The area is quiet and the scenery is beautiful over the hilly landscape with agriculture and few buildings. What is often missing in this picture is the afforestation and associated (single)trails. The red and blue loop of the MTB track Aubel don’t really feel like an MTB track due to the large number of paved roads. Occasionally you come across an interesting trail on the red loop, but that’s not the case on the blue loop. These two loops are a little more geared towards the novice MTB rider, but the red loop still has one challenging descent that’s not suited for novice riders. The feeling of mountain biking comes back while riding the green loop. The climbs are slightly longer, more technical and conditionally more challenging compared to the other loops. In addition are the descents fast and more often off-road. In between trails is often alternated between paved and unpaved roads which also gives a chance to catch your breath, but the green loop is more suited for the intermediate mountain biker.

LOCATION 3 star rating
TRAILS 2 star rating
CHALLENGE 3 star rating
FUN 2 star rating
CONCLUSION   2 5 star rating

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