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With a cumulative elevation gain of 465m over 20km, the MTB route Schöne Aussicht seems like a short and challenging route. However, due to the evenly distributed ascents you can easily pace yourself. Furthermore, there are no (single) trails since, as the name suggests, the emphasis is placed on the beautiful scenery.

THE LOCATION 4 star rating
Starting from the church in peaceful Hurtgenwald you quickly ride into the forest where rolling hills are noticeable without immediately seeing the changes in the surroundings, since the view is generally limited to a few km due to the dense forests. When riding between villages like Gey, Stass and Untermaubach, the forests, countryside and urban areas are regularly interchanged with beatifull scenery in between. A highlight is the reservoir Obermaubach, which is part of the river Roer.

THE TRAILS 2 star rating
On the MTB route Schöne Aussicht, the amount of off-road and paved roads are about equally distributed. The offroad paths through the woods are wide and lined with a layer of gravel and the wide roads continue with the connecting roads through the agricultural areas. On the route is plenty of room to accommodate upcoming traffic, which is especially important because the MTB route Schöne Aussicht can be ridden in both directions. Variation in trails is limited on the country roads, asphalt and even the off-road sections. On the offroad trails is also little variation due to the lack of singletrails and having to often ride long straight roads.

THE CHALLENGE 3 star rating
With a cumulative ascent of 485m over just 20km makes the MTB route Schöne Aussicht offer you a lot of climbing over a short distance. However, the elevation differences are gradually distributed making it feel less exhausting and in the few rare occasions that you come across a steep climb you know that these are short. Additional challenging parts are nearly none existent on this route due to the smooth off-road trails and lack of technical trails. There are a few quick descents on gravel, country roads and asphalt where you can easily pace yourself.

19.8 km, 01:49:21

THE FUN FACTOR 2 star rating
The MTB route Schone Aussicht has, as the name suggests, the scenery as main selling point. And I have to admit, in stopped in a number of occasions to enjoy the scenery. But, mountainbiking for me is more than just scenery. I also need to be challenged skill wise, else I would have have gone on the road bike instead. Unfortunately, the MTB route Shöne Aussicht fall short on delivering those challenges. During the route you will find the occasional (illegal) singletrail that connects to the MTB route, which unfortunately aren’t used for the route. Combine this with the large amount of paved roads and it keeps crossing my mind how much more fun this MTB route could have been.

The MTB route Schöne Aussicht is with only 20km and 465hm a short route with relatively high number of ascending meters and provides some beautiful sceneries. Forests and agricultural areas have the upper hand, while the urban areas are mainly concentrated in the small villages. The MTB route has an evenly distributed mix of paved and unpaved roads, where the unpaved roads consist of wide gravel paths and forest roads which can be ridden in both directions. Singletrails, just like other technically challenging obstacles, are not part of the MTB route Schöne Aussicht. Because of this and the gradual climbs, the MTB route can be considered suitable for novice mountain bikers. For a MTB route with similar scenery but which is a bit more challenging trails you don’t have to look much further,  since the adjacent MTB route Seeblick can offer that.

LOCATION 4 star rating
TRAILS 2 star rating
CHALLENGE 3 star rating
FUN 2 star rating
CONCLUSION   3 star rating

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