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Across the border where the countryside of Groningen changes to Drenthe’s afforestation is where the MTB route Gieten resides. A 29km long MTB track that runs almost entirely off road and leads you especially on windy single trails through the forest. On this semi-novice MTB route you can enjoy the scenery, tranquility and flowy trails.

THE LOCATION 4 star rating
Starting from the ample parking at ’t Nije Hemelriek you’re just a few 100m away from the MTB route Gieten. You’ll be starting directly in the forest, but the environment changes quickly to a large open area along the dark blue water of the sand extraction. Such far-reaching views won’t be seen again unless you’re riding along the edge of the forest, looking over the countryside. The rest of the route is in a fairly densely wooded area with slight elevation changes and a limited amount of heather. The route suits well to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Only some minor noises from the traffic are barely noticeable.

THE TRAILS 3 star rating
The MTB route Gieten runs almost entirely off-road (except for a few 100 meters) and runs mainly through the forest. In the forest are several single trails built which meander through the trees over small bumps that give the otherwise flat landscape an extra dimension. Under dry conditions, this is a fairly fast route and this is also (to some extent) encouraged by a Strava segment which is marked with signs. The MTB route Gieten lies in an area where many tourists are present and can come across hikers on the paths, although this is very limited on the single trails.

THE CHALLENGE 2 star rating
MTB route Gieten sits with its 29km and 132 vertical meters around the average for a Dutch MTB route. The proximity of the Hondsrug has little to no influence on the route so that there are no relatively long or steep climbs present. The route can be ridden well at your own pace and trails flow well. When riding the route in the wet it offers a bit more of a challenge. Only a limited set of your technical skills are required on this route. There is a distinction made between difficult and easy trails on the route, but the difficult trails (like a little steep climb and sharp turns) are fine to ride for the experienced mountain biker. Your cornering skills are put to the test in the many corners and exposed tree roots in some of them. Optionally, there are a few bumps where you jump over if you have enough speed.

31.4 km, 02:00:02

THE FUN FACTOR 4 star rating
Coming from the direction of Groningen, Gieten is one of the first MTB routes don’t let you ride on the countryside but through the forest. In terms of scenery this is definitely appealing but the MTB route has to be it as well, fortunately this is the case for the MTB route Gieten. There is a nice variety of single trails that keep you active on the bike and due to the good flow you can maintain your speed well. There’s also a nice balance between single trails and slower paced wide trails to enjoy the surroundings. In terms of variety and challenge the MTB route Gieten falls somewhat short for me. For fast riders, there’s is a nice touch is that a Strava segment is marked with signs, but this may come at the expense of the fun of "normal" riders. Further, the trail is well marked and maintained so you can ride without any difficulties.

The MTB route Gieten is an average MTB route with its 29km and 132m of elevation gain. Something less than average is that this route runs almost completely off road. The route runs through the forest on the edge of the Hondsrug. Real elevation differences aren’t here, but a nice forested area, a little heather, lake and sometimes a view over agricultural fields are. You won’t come across any buildings and you barely notice the hustle and bustle of traffic. There are plenty of single trails with great flow that meander between the trees over small bumps. From a skill point of view, you aren’t going to be that challenged but there is sometimes a distinction in trails between novice and experienced mountain bikers. The difference more or less comes down to that a novice has to put a foot on the ground in the steep climbs and sharp corners. However, your cornering skills are put to the challenge with sharp turns and exposed tree roots in some of the corners. Furthermore, the route is well maintained and the route signs are all there and well placed. The MTB route Gieten is for novice mountain bikers challenging enough and experienced mountain bikers can find a challenge when they pick up the pace.

LOCATION 4 star rating
TRAILS 3 star rating
CHALLENGE 2 star rating
FUN 4 star rating
CONCLUSION   3 5 star rating

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The track your talking about is Gieten but the pictures are from a divergent route called Noord Sleen, both rides are ok to ride and can be combined as well, Gieten is a faster track and less curvy and Noord Sleen is a little more curved. Both a worth riding.
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