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Polish your skills on a mountain bike track in Drenthe? Yes you can, and no not on the popular track Sleen but on the MTB track Zuidlaren. A short track created with passion by mountain bikers. You don’t need large altitude differences to make a beautiful track. But that you can make a nice track with this little of resources is impressive.

THE LOCATION 3-star-rating
Zuidlaren, just like a large part of Drenthe, has large wooded areas. The altitude differences in Drenthe are mainly created by the “Hondsrug” (hill created by the Ice age), but this is not reflected in the MTB track Zuidlaren. The track takes you over the former training ground of the Ministry of Defence: the Strubben-Kniphorstbos. You should not think of tanks that left wide trails of loose sand, but the track is completely off road. It is a compact area with trees close to the trails and the area is pretty flat. You ride constantly through the forest, winding trails through the forest and you will come across a single house against on the whole track.

THE TRAILS 2-star-rating
The mountain bike track Zuidlaren has one aspect that is very prevalent and that flow, excellent flow. With a few pedal revolutions, you notice that the trails rolls great and at the same time it demands more of your steering skills. The trees are right along the trail and the trails meander through the trees. There are small differences in height (bumps) and banked corners that positively influence the flow. In addition, small simple north shores are included in the trails. The trails are well broken in, in dry conditions they are very quick and in wetter conditions they are still good to ride. Mountain biking on the MTB track Zuidlaren is short-lived because the track is only 5km long, but luckily you can just keep doing laps of this track.

THE CHALLENGE 3-star-rating
This track has no parts that should cause issues with your physical fitness. There are no climbs, the flow is good with low rolling resistance and the complete track is short. Only riding this track several times should cause you some exhaustion. The MTB track Zuidlaren is very dynamic with bumps, curves and turns almost every few meters. This is in fact not a track where are sitting on the saddle all the time. At higher speed the succession of turns, bumps and sprinting out of turns makes this a this a challenge for your condition as well as your bike handling skills.

4.6 km, 00:11:32

THE FUN FACTOR2-star-rating
In my opinion the fun factor of this track is high. The excellent flow combined with explosiveness and skills required at high speed makes this a great training track. It felt like a bumpy roller coaster ride on the first ride, but that was because the many turns and variations of the track weren’t sunk in yet. After the first lap of the track it was just riding on the flow of the track. Because a large part of the trails are narrow and fast, the focus lies primarily on avoiding trees. I rode five laps of the track in a row and I wasn’t bored of it yet. The track signs are well placed but don’t actually need them since there are mainly single trails with only one line to ride.

The mountain bike track Zuidlaren offers an interesting look at how you can make a nice MTB track on level ground. The track is suitable for both novice and experienced mountain bikers. Novice riders can take it easy on the trails since it has limited difficulty. Experienced mountain bikers can turn up the speed easily on this track and train cornering technique and explosiveness. A note here is that both categories don’t go well together since there are almost no B-lines. This is a fun short track to ride multiple times, but maybe too short for most.

LOCATION 3-star-rating
TRAILS 4-star-rating
CHALLENGE 2-star-rating
FUN 4-star-rating
CONCLUSION   3-5-star-rating

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