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For MTB tracks with many elevation differences you don't have to travel to the hilly south of the Netherlands. More centrally located, in the province Gelderland, lies the MTB track Nijmegen with an elevation gain of 531m and 40km of length which surely can handle its competition. On a technical level it can be ridden by less experienced mountain bikers.

THE LOCATION 4 star rating
When starting from amusement park Trivoli it’s not far before you pick up the trail and you therefore are in the forest. Buildings will be rare from this point on. The largest part of the track runs in an area located between the towns of Nijmegen, Berg en Dal, Groesbeek, Mook and Malden. This area consists mainly forest and heath areas but also contains a remarkable amount of elevation changes. A few nice scenery points are available but you cannot compare them with far-reaching and rural Limburg scenery.

THE TRAILS 3 star rating
On the MTB track Nijmegen heath prevails and this shows clearly in the trails. The trails are mostly sandy with tree roots coming through regularly. Under dry conditions the amount of loose sand is limited and the track remains rideable in wet conditions although there may be a number of places the water stays on the track. Narrow single trails that you would expect from such a track are however quite uncommon. The off-road trails are interspersed with a number paved and country roads but are not disruptive.

THE CHALLENGE 3 star rating
With an elevation gain of 531 meters you’d expect a tough MTB track which is similar to the more challenging tracks in Limburg which also have an elevation gain of about 400-600 meters. The MTB track Nijmegen is however a lot less challenging partly due to the evenly distributed elevation differences. Furthermore, the trails run smooth (with the exception of a few roots) and you can keep a relatively high pace. The climbs are not steep and offer little technical challenge. In the rapid descents you’ll come across some tree roots that make descending a bit more challenging. You'll also find just a few single trails where your steering skills are tested, but nothing out of the ordinary.

39.8 km, 02:47:45

THE FUN FACTOR 2 star rating
Many Dutch MTB tracks don’t exceed 250m of elevation gain and therefore it’s a pleasant surprise to ride a track that exceeds 500m. This gives you somewhat the feeling of what climbing means. What I then expect from such a track are tough climbs, technical descents, winding single trails and nice scenery. Unfortunately, the MTB track Nijmegen falls short on most aspects. On a technical standpoint a novice mountain biker can manage well here, but I would have liked a bit more challenge for more experienced mountain bikers because the area lends itself well. There are some fast descents which I rode with pleasure and a few single trails with good flow through the trees. This is however for me a little too less for a 40km track which runs largely off-road.

The MTB track Nijmegen (red and green loop) allows you to climb 531m just like a MTB track in the south of the Netherlands and enjoy some beautiful scenery. The track runs mostly off road through moorland interspersed by farmland and a limited amount of paved roads. The elevation differences are evenly distributed over the 40km which make the track feel much lighter. On a technical level, this is certainly not a difficult track, if you look carefully where the tree roots are then less experienced mountain bikers can manage well. The climbs are not technical and only one short climb is steep. In the descents you’ll also come across some tree roots, but the trails are wide and the descents can be ridden at your own pace. Single trails are included and have a good flow but there are only a few.

LOCATION 4 star rating
TRAILS 3 star rating
CHALLENGE 3 star rating
FUN 2 star rating
CONCLUSION   3 star rating

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