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The mountain bike track Margraten offers altitude differences as you would expect from the south of Limburg but packed in a track that’s ride able by novice riders. Singletrails are rare on this track and climbs aren’t that steep (with a single exception). Enjoying the scenery is the main selling point of this track.

THE LOCATION 4 star rating
To the south of Valkenburg, where the height differences in the terrain have a stronger presence, runs the MTB track Margraten. The track runs through a fairly open area with few buildings and many agricultural areas. You will come across villages and hamlets like Bemelen, Terblijt and Cadier en Keer where the asphalt is avoided wherever possible. Alternately you come across compact wooded areas where you might find a singletrail but most of the time you are riding through agricultural areas. In the summer you have great scenery of fruit trees alongside some of the trails. .

THE TRAILS 2 star rating
The trails of the MTB track Margraten feel a little rougher than you might be accustomed to. Instead of the usual forests you have to deal with a lot of gravel. Instead of connecting trails together with asphalt roads, the road are connected by wide country roads with gravel. The gravel is really dominating on this track and exists in different shapes and sizes, so the chances of punctures is high. In the climbs and fast descents is a mix of larger stones and tree roots. There are just a few (non-technical) singletrails on this track, but they have a good flow.

THE CHALLENGE 3 star rating
The MTB track Margraten is a track with average distance (31km) and average altitude of about 380m compared to the rest of South Limburg. The expectation of South Limburg is that you are presented some hefty climbs, but on the MTB track Margraten the climbs don’t really challenge you. De ascending meters are gradually distributed over the complete track so the climbs aren’t that long that it should be quickly causing you trouble with your fitness. The track is under dry conditions easy to ride but in the wet it is really plowing through the mud. On the technical side, don’t expect to many surprises. The climbs are wide with some gravel and an occasional tree root, but not that technical. The descents can all be ridden at your own pace and don’t include drops or anything special. At high speed one or two descents are more challenging because of the larger rocks and tree roots. The few flat singletrails that are included in the trail do not offer any technical challenge.

30.6 km, 00:00:00

THE FUN FACTOR 2 star rating
The mountain bike track Margraten is for me the average mountain bike track of South Limburg. In terms of altitude, distance and the view is about average. With a few climbs and some fun descents, you get a little taste of the hilly landscape, but you know there's a lot to get out of. The view of the area is nice but not spectacular. Under dry conditions this is a reasonably fast track to ride, no difficult trails but just go on and ride, what can be nice for a change. The track was clearly indicated with the green-white MTB track signs. For me this is a track that I would only ride in dry conditions, but because more technical routes like Gulpen or Epen have my preference, I go for them.

The mountain bike track Margraten is a typical mountain bike route in South Limburg. It has average altitude meters compared to region and a standard length of about 30km. Despite the altitude you ride regularly over lightly accented agricultural areas and you'll hardly find a steep ascent. On the technical side, don’t expect any surprises. What you’ll mostly encounter are wide paths with gravel and occasionally a single trail. The single trails are not technical, the descents are in general easy to do at your own pace and the climbs are not too steep without any real challenge.

LOCATION 3 star rating
TRAILS 2 star rating
CHALLENGE 3 star rating
FUN 2 star rating
CONCLUSION   2 5 star rating

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