MTB route Sint Pietersberg (d'n Observant)

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Want to know in a 5km a crash course what mountain biking in the Netherlands has to offer? The MTB route Sint Pietersberg is a complete route with climbs, descents, technical trails, beautiful sceneries and runs completely off-road.

THE LOCATION 3 star rating
Apart from the existing MTB route Maastricht, the Sint Pietersberg MTB route is entirely focused on the natural area of Sint Pieter, specifically on d'Observant. This artificial mountain was formed during the first excavations at the ENCI and has grown into a nature-rich area. The ENCI (First Dutch Cement Industry) and its activities are clearly visible, but once in the forest there is hardly any sign of that. With a cumulative elevation gain of 192m you have a number of beautiful views over the quarry, Maastricht, Riemst (BE) and the river Meuse.

THE TRAILS 2 star rating
The route runs completely off-road over a mix of sand, clay and silt and remains exclusively on the hill d'n Observant. The main part of the route consists of technical singletracks where you quickly slalom be-tween the trees. In contrast to many routes, the climbs are often ridden over singletrails. The trails are rougher due to many irregularities in the subsoil, but there is definitely a good flow, especially when more familiar with the route. After rainy periods the route remains wet for a long time and due to the technical nature of the route (and its preservation) it is not advisable to ride then.

THE CHALLENGE 2 star rating
The 5km and 114m of climbing of the MTB route Sint Pietersberg won’t immediately scare you, but this is the same ratio as 25km/570m route which is an absurd amount a Dutch MTB route. There are several gradual climbs, with some very steep climbs. There are only a few moments of rest on the route because you are also active on the bike in the descents. From a skills perspective the MTB route Sint Pietersberg is sits above the rest of the Dutch MTB routes. From narrow steep technical climbs, tree roots, fast successive (banked) corners and narrow off camber corners where you have to hold your line properly. Looking far ahead and exploratory riding at the blind turns is also important here. This MTB route is therefore unsuitable for novices and challenging for experienced mountain bikers.

4.6 km, 00:36:47

THE FUN FACTOR 2 star rating
At the thought of a 5km route I was skeptical, because a 10-15 minute track can quickly become repetitive and boring. Fortunately, these are words that did not come to mind when I was riding the MTB route Sint Pietersberg. The challenging varied trails and relatively high accumulative elevation gain quickly provide half an hour of fun which is worth repeating. The completely off-road running route allows you to be completely absorbed in the natural area of d'n Observant. After exploring for the first time, the lap became more and more fun, you can take technical trails with more speed, your skills (and fitness) are still put to the test and the flow of the trails becomes more pronounced. A lot of work has been put in the trails by people who are not shy of a challenge. The trails are also well maintained and the route indication is excellent.

The MTB route Sint Pietersberg gives within 5km and 114m(asc.) a brief powerful introduction what a real Dutch mountain bike route can offer. South of Maastricht, the MTB route runs exclusively on the hill d'n Observant. At some points during the route you have a beautiful view of Maastricht, Riemst, the Meuse or the ENCI quarry. While riding the route, however, your attention should be more on the trails, because these put both your skills and fitness to the test. The route runs completely off-road on mostly of the technical single trails. The single trails can be found not only in the descent but also in the climbs. The narrow trails go right along the trees with sometimes little margin for errors. There are quick (consecutive) turns over small bumps that will test your balance and cornering skills. But also blind corners ensure that you have to be prepared for everything. The MTB route Sint Pieter is clearly not for novice mountain bikers and it’s challenging for the experienced mountain biker.

LOCATION 3 star rating
TRAILS 2 star rating
CHALLENGE 2 star rating
FUN 2 star rating
CONCLUSION   2 star rating

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