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The MTB route Maastricht allows you to enjoy the surroundings in a easy way. You will not encounter tough climbs or technical trails, track, instead you can enjoy the typical countryside of Limburg. For a technical and challenging route you can go to the nearby MTB route Sint Pietersberg.

THE LOCATION 4 star rating
On the east side of Maastricht, where the buildings in the environment starts to fade runs the MTB track Maastricht. The view quickly changes from urban to rural. Several asphalt and country roads connect small villages together. On your ride of the track you come across places like Cadier en Keer, Margraten and Bemelen. The emphasis here lies on the environment rather than interesting trails. At Bemelen for example, you are riding past caves in a beautiful scenery that you will rarely come across on any other MTB track. Something that you also will rarely come across is forest, with the exception there at the Savelseforest, where you will be presented the largest climb of this track.

THE TRAILS 5 star rating
That the MTB track Maastricht is more focused on the environment compared to the trails is clearly reflected. The track includes a large amount of asphalt and country roads. Alternatively the trails consist of larger amounts of gravel and large rocks. In general the trails are a few meters wide with little variation. Single trails are unfortunately hard to find and the few that you do encounter are a literal interpretation of the words "single trails": trails are narrow that only one person can go through at the time. Other aspects of single trails as flow and/or a technical challenge what you normally would expect are missing. The trails in general are fast under dry conditions as you would expect with the type of ground surfaces, however the trail remains a long time muddy after a rainy period.

THE CHALLENGE 4 star rating
With its 28km and 255 ascending meters in total the MTB track Maastricht is one of the lightest tracks of South Limburg (besides Nuth-Voerendaal). The elevation changes are very gradual with a small exception in the Savelsforest. It's a fast track under dry conditions but under wet conditions it's plowing through the mud, but this is partly compensated with the amount of asphalt included in the track. Looking at the technical side you won't find any surprises here. The paths are mostly wide, clear and demand very little technical skills. In certain periods of the year you have to deal with more eroded trails, but it won't get more challenging then this. The climbs are not technical and the descents are gradually without jumps or drops, but you can encounter a few tree roots.

27.8 km, 00:00:00

THE FUN FACTOR 5 star rating
A beautiful environment has added value to a trail. I feel unfortunately are the trails are strongly lacking compared to the environment. The altitude differences combined with wooded areas give a lot of opportunities for nice trails, but those remain mostly unused. The trails were too simple for me, even though simple is not always a bad thing. A flowy single trail can also be simple, you're dealing here with trails that offer no challenge for an experienced mountain biker. I can appreciate the environment and the caves at the Bemelerberg are very nice sight. But when I look at the track overall, there was unfortunately too little action to keep me the 28km's interested. The route signs were fortunately good with just a single obscure route sign.

The MTB route Maastricht introduces the countryside of South Limburg in a peaceful way, enjoying the surroundings in this easy MTB track. During the track you regularly ride on country roads and asphalt which causes your attention to switch to the scenery. Agriculture is in this area very active and on the track you'll rarely come across forests. Single trails you'll hardly come across and don't offer any real challenge. Your fitness won't be challenged that much. There are a few steep climbs but the rest of the altitude differences are spread gradually over the track. Compared to other tracks in South Limburg the MTB track Maastricht is, along with the MTB track Nuth-Voerendaal, a real novice MTB track.

LOCATION 4 star rating
TRAILS 5 star rating
CHALLENGE 4 star rating
FUN 5 star rating
CONCLUSION   4 5 star rating

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