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The MTB track Mechelen is an easy MTB track in South Limburg with a few altitude differences. Asphalt, wide roads, gradual climbs and lack of single trails make that this track is suitable for novice mountain bikers. However, experienced mountain bikers can still enjoy the scenery.

THE LOCATION 3 star rating
Around Mechelen are several mountain bike tracks close together, such as Gulpen and Epen. In contrast to these two tracks you'll barely come across forest on the MTB track Mechelen. You’ll mainly ride past picturesque villages such as Wittem, Eys and Nijswiller with in between roads with views over large agricultural areas. The place Eys is among cyclists known / notorious for the Eyserbosweg, a steep climb by Dutch standards. On this MTB track you won't come across such a challenging climb but you are presented with climbs through the Eyserbos and Kluisberg. Furthermore you have the opportunity to cool down by riding through the Mechelderbeek (a stream), but a narrow bridge is available for those who prefer to keep their feet dry.

THE TRAILS 2 star rating
Asphalt and gravel roads are the most common type of roads on this MTB track. It resembles a beginner's route with the difference that you are presented with climbs. The trails are generally wide with gradual turns and also offer minimal challenge. This will remain in the ascents, although the climb through the Eyserbos is slightly steeper towards the end. In a number of descents the trail is rarely go off road but are on asphalt instead. Although this is not technically challenging, you do have to pay attention to the speed during some blind corners.

THE CHALLENGE 2 star rating
With 375m the MTB track Mechelen has an average amount of altimeters compared to other MTB tracks in South Limburg. The gradient on the ascents is pretty constant and similar without too many bumps in the trails. The ascent of Kruisberg and Eyserbos exceed the average with longer and steeper climbs but remain ride able. On a technical level the MTB track Mechelen summarizes to a beginner's track with some altitude differences. The track consists mainly of asphalt or country roads and you rarely come across some singletrails, let alone technical singletrails. All trails can be ridden at your own pace.

22.4 km, 23:59:50

THE FUN FACTOR 2 star rating
The long ascent towards the Eyserbos and the scenery during descents are the highlights for me of the MTB track Mechelen. However the trails themselves are definitely not among the highlights for me. The high percentage of asphalt and country roads did not keep me interested during a large part of the track. Singletracks and technical trails are scarce which also spoils the fun. The route designation was not equally evident (like signs after the turn), so I took a few wrong turns during the complete track.

There aren't many locations elsewhere in the Netherlands that can compete with the scenery in South Limburg. What such a track can make it rise above the rest are the trails, but this is the point where the MTB track Mechelen lacks. The track consists mainly of asphalt and country roads which and in a rare occasion you'll will find a nice and somewhat challenging singletrail. The most challenging part of this track are the ascents. But these ascents aren't steep, pretty constant and not technical. For the experienced mountain biker the MTB track Mechelen does not present much of a challenge, but it can be a nice track for the novice mountain biker who wants enjoy the scenery and does not want too challenging ascents.

LOCATION 3 star rating
TRAILS 2 star rating
CHALLENGE 2 star rating
FUN 2 star rating
CONCLUSION   2 star rating

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