MTB track Sint Geertruid

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Mountain biking across the hilly landscape with beautiful scenery away from the crowded city, this is the MTB track Sint Geertruid. You'll pass picturesque villages, ride on the asphalt, country roads and sporadically a single trail. It's not a pure novice track but by South Limburg standards it can be considered a novice track.

THE LOCATION 3 star rating
The MTB track Sint Geertruid is a track with great scenery. The view of the area is a mix of small villages and rural areas. There are views over surrounding places like Banholt, Terlinden, Hei-jenrath and Slenaken where you will be riding through. In this hilly area agriculture is very active and along the track you will occasional encounter a grove. Furthermore, it's not really a heavily wooded area, you'll only come across a few wooded zones. An interesting piece is the wading through stream Gulp where you have the option to ride through it or take the bridge over it.

THE TRAILS 2 star rating
During the MTB track Sint Geertruid you’ll be presented with a relatively large amount paved and country roads. Although the climbs are usually offroad, a reasonable amount descents are on the asphalt. The offroad trails are wide and the ground is mostly a mix of sand and gravel. The sin-gletrails are scarce on this track and aren’t very narrow. The surface of these trails ranges from grass to gravel and offer little to no challenge. However, there are a few climbs that offer some challenge due to its steepness.

THE CHALLENGE 3 star rating
On a fitness level the MTB route Sint Geertruid sits at the average of South Limburg. With 30km is not a very long track but the 440 vertical meters are quite a lot, especially by Dutch standards. However, you will seldom find a steep ascent (only 1-2x) and the rest of the altimeters are gradu-ally spread over the whole track. Furthermore, the trails roll well and you can rest if necessary on the paved or country roads. Technical trails aren’t things you should expect on this MTB track. You won’t come across sharp corners, jumps or drop. Particular emphasis is placed on the wider tracks and with the exception of one or two steeper climbs which will be more difficult for a novice mountain biker. Experienced mountain should look out for some high speed descents to find any challenge on this track.

30.8 km, 23:59:53

THE FUN FACTOR 2 star rating
Highlights of the MTB track Sint Geertruid are scenery and the wading through stream Gulp. However, the trails don’t match up with the hilly environment. Although there certainly are some nice trails there were too many paved and country roads for my liking. When you come across a rare nice trail, it’s followed by long boring roads. It’s a pity that some long descents are on asphalt instead of offroad, it would have made the track much more interesting. My expectation of the track was that I would more challenged on a technical level. The only chal-lenge was one steep climb. Fortunately the downhills are fast with nice views over the area. The pace on the rest of the track can also be kept high since the track signs are well placed and main-tained.

Mountain biking in South Limburg, along picturesque villages with beautiful scenery and without too difficult trails, this is the MTB track Sint Geertruid. The area is a mix of village and rural are-as. There is a lot of agriculture activities in the region which translates into a high amount of as-phalt and country roads. The amount of forest that you encounter on this track is very little, just like technical singletrails. And for that matter just singletrails are rare on this track. Looking at the general technical difficulty you will only find one or two steep climbs and that’s about is. Giv-en the length (31km) and especially the altitude differences (475m), the track is okay for the aver-age mountain bikers but a bit easy. The MTB track Sint Geertruid is more suited for novice moun-tain bikers with a descent fitness level.

LOCATION 3 star rating
TRAILS 2 star rating
CHALLENGE 3 star rating
FUN 2 star rating
CONCLUSION   2 5 star rating

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