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Steep climbs, challenging descents and flowy trails ensure that the MTB track Strijthagen is a very complete track. This is definitely not suited for novice riders and even experienced mountain bikers will find a challenge. For Dutch standards Strijthagen can be considered as a "real" mountain bike track.

THE LOCATION 3 star rating
The MTB track Strijthagen guides you through the built-up area of Landgraaf and Heerlen but you won't notice much of it. Every piece of forest / green area is included to let the track run off-road. During the track you will come across the Kisselsbos, Kapellerbos, Brunssummerheide and as highlight the Wilhelminaberg. This is a "mountain" with ground consisting of clay and gravel with fairly dense vegetation on a steep slope. The view extends from the Wilhelminaberg (with its 93m height) into Germany. There are no major differences in altitude like here further in the track. The track runs furthermore over relatively flat terrain through woods and heath, you'll rarely come across agricultural areas.

THE TRAILS 4 star rating
The track winds through the city including each piece of green. In such a densely populated area you cannot escape some paved roads, but they are limited to the minimum. The off-road trails consist mainly of clay and gravel, only the segments along the Brunssummerheide consist of a sandy surface. All off-road trails are mostly single trails where trees stand close along the trails with tree roots. There's a root descent and a half pipe descent included along with a few jumps. At the start location is a skill area where northern shores / skinnies and a rock garden have been constructed.

THE CHALLENGE 4 star rating
The MTB route Strijthagen is with 480 vertical meters and 23km length a short but challenging track. The bulk of the 480 meters are from climbing the Wilhelminaberg. The narrow trails and steep technical climbs provide both a technical and challenge of your fitness. The rest of the track is relatively flat to name a few brief climb which you can sprint to the top. On a technical level, this is one of the most difficult tracks in South Limburg and therefore not suitable for novice mountain bikers. The built skill area with north shore and rock garden are nice obstacles to improve your skills but the real challenge is the Wilhelminaberg. Steep climbs, narrow trails, sharp turns, roots and drops provide a challenge even for the more experienced mountain biker.

24.4 km, 00:00:00

THE FUN FACTOR 4 star rating
What I expect from South Limburg is challenging trails that run off-road through the forest combined with plenty of altitude differences. Looking at other tracks in South Limburg such as Nuth or Maastricht then this shows it's not always the case. MTB track Strijthagen provides fortunately the challenge I expected and even exceeds it. Rarely do I get to ride trails in the Netherlands that really pose a challenge. I'm not talking about the skill area or most of the track but specifically the Wilhelminaberg. Beautiful narrow and technical single tracks are created here in both in the ascents as descents. In my view, the most challenging trail the half pipe descent where speed, balance, precision and looking far ahead are important. The other trails don't fall far behind for trails being on flatter grounds. There's enough variety, flow and speed in the trails to keep the track interesting. This is also partly due to the good placement of the route signs and an excellent maintained track.

The MTB track Strijthagen is part of the 73km and 1100 vertical meters counting MTB network Parkstad (also including Brunssummerheide, Rode Beek and Heerlen). This is a nice area to be mountain biking where the MTB track Strijthagen are just passing through urban areas of Heerlen and Landgraaf. Asphalt is mainly avoided and single trails are plenty available. Besides the usual single trails where you slalom between trees, the trails here are in a different league. You are presented with narrow technical trails during the climbs with steep sections and hairpin turns. Following in the descents there are many roots and loose gravel. Highlights are a descent over tree roots and the (other) half pipe descent with a few jumps. These are just some of the diverse trails that the MTB track Strijthagen has to offer. Combine these tracks with the 480 vertical meters and 25km distance and you get a short but challenging track for the experienced mountain biker.

LOCATION 3 star rating
TRAILS 4 star rating
CHALLENGE 4 star rating
FUN 4 star rating
CONCLUSION   4 star rating

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