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In 2013, MTB Club de Schaak finalized the new mountain bike route Horst. A mountain bike route in Horst / Meijel seemed very interesting location through the wooded and hilly areas. Now it has been a year for the trails to get its final shape. Let's look what the mtb route Horst has to offer.

THE LOCATION 4-star-rating
Horst is a village in the north of the province Limburg. The MTB route Horst is located just west of Horst and runs through the Schadijkse forest. This is a forested area which previously only consisted of heath which is still minimally visible in the current route. In the former heaths arose sand dunes that now ensures that there is a slight difference in height in the trails. The view from the trail is excellent, you really feel like you're in the forest is. There are no sign of paved roads and buildings nearby.

THE TRAIL 4-star-rating
The mountain bike route Horst runs completely off-road and has a high amount of single trails. The trails are narrow, the trees are just along the trails and multiple turns are banked corners. The trails have a good flow and after the corners you only need a few pedal strokes to be on pace again. The total ascent of the route is 102 meters and is gradually spread over the route. A few pieces of the route is more technical / steeper, to keep the trails rideable there is made use of plastic grids in the ground.

THE CHALLENGE 3-star-rating
At first glance, the MTB route Horst seems an easy route, the route is short, little altitude differences and is well run in. However, the route is a little heavier than I first expected. After every turn and every bump you need to put in some pedal revolutions in order to maintain your flow. Because the route has many winding single trails it will test your explosive power during the whole route. On the technical side, there are no exciting things to tell. All the climbs are easy to climb and there are no obstacles on the route. The route lends itself very well to practice your cornering techniques.

17.6 km, 01:21:03

FUN 4-star-rating
The mtb route Horst starts relaxed but turns quickly in a nice roller coaster with flowy turns and elevation changes. You clearly feel that attention is paid to the trails and good route signs placement allows you to maintain your pace well. The route requires a lot of concentration and you feel that way more involved in riding the trails. After a while you need some less intensive (and somewhat repetitive cornering) trails and these are also included in the route. What I am missing in this route is a little more variation, for example a few jumps or a north shore.

That much attention has been paid to the creation of the new mountain bike trail Horst is clear. To me it looks like they achieved almost the maximum with minimal use of resources. They also considered how the route will be rideable under wet conditions. One of the beautiful aspects of this route is that it completely runs through the forest. The route is entirely off road and there is no traffic (except for a few people walking). The mix of forest and heath give an interesting variation of the trails. It is conditionally not a heavy route but when you want to go fast over the trails you will see that cornering and sprinting takes its toll. With a little more pace you will notice that the flow is also better, which is obviously an important aspect. The MTB route Horst I therefore find a route that is definitely worth to ride.

LOCATION 4-star-rating
TRAILS 4-star-rating
CHALLENGE 3-star-rating
FUN 4-star-rating
CONCLUSION  4-star-rating

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