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Meerssen is a small village in the south of the Netherlands and offers a mountainbike trail with great variety. It has a total ascent of about 500 meters with a few solid climbs over a distance of 30km. A descent stamina is required. The average mountain biker will have to use his skills well to overcome some technical sections.

THE LOCATION 3-star-rating
Meerssen is a village next to Maastricht with many facilities and features a mountain bike trail with also a number of other routes nearby. On the south of Meerssen are woody areas and more towards the north the open fields prevail. The mountain bike trail Meerssen leads you towards Valkenburg along wooded areas with altitude. This area is also popular among hikers, which you occasionally encounter on the route. The view is far over fields and lightly builded area's.

THE TRAIL 3-star-rating
The bike has a variety of climbs and descents with different kinds single trails, wide trails and asphalt roads. The offroad trails consist of natural single trails through the woods and wider paths when climbing. The connecting roads are mainly gravel or asphalt. The ratio of paved roads is about 40% which is high but it definitely does not feel like it. Some descents are on asphalt (such as the Geulhemmerweg) which is a shame. Under wet conditions, despite all the asphalt, this trail isn't great ride. Meerssen (which takes its name from a derivative of "swamp") has a number of climbs and single trails that are almost unrideable. Also, the trails tend to wear fast under these circumstances.

THE CHALLENGE 3-star-rating
This route will challenge you both conditionally and technically. As you can see in the elevation profile, there are several climbs including some steep ones. You can rest on the paved roads but the ascending meters will make sure you feel it in your legs. On the technical side, you get a steep climb (after restaurant The Nightingale) that puts your balance, strength and endurance to the test. Furthermore, the single trails a natural feel with tree roots on the trails and ruts. Things like jumps and rock gardens you will not stop on this route.

29.1 km, 00:00:00

FUN 3-star-rating
After riding the mtb route Meerssen I had some mixed feelings. Yes, the single trails were fun and climbs were challenging. But with the amount of ascending meters you need some in the descents to make up for it. When you look at the route you've had the highlights of the route on the parts of Geulhemmerberg and Brakke Berg but after that the route is mediocre. Following the route was easy, all the route sign were there and with a few exceptions they were placed logically.

The mountain bike route in Meerssen provides the variation that you can expect from the landscape in Limburg. Steep climbs, fast descents, single trails and wooded area but with a high percentage of paved roads. The surroundings of the route is a mix of wooded and urban areas. The view over the region is not as great as locations that lie further to the south of Limburg but still pretty impressive. The single trails feel natural and are fun to ride but aren't very challenging. Some ascents and descents have a higher level of difficulty making this route less suitable for beginners. A good endurance is for the amount of altitude meters and gradients required. In my opinion it was a nice route to ride but with the same amount of altitude meters you can ride better trails in the near area (like Epen or Gulpen).

LOCATION 3-star-rating
TRAIL 3-star-rating
CHALLENGE 3-star-rating
FUN 3-star-rating
CONCLUSION   3-star-rating

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