MTB route Nuth-Voerendaal

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In the south of Limburg are many challenging mountainbe routes, but there are also a number of routes for beginners. The MTB route Nuth-Voerendaal lets you get acquainted with the landscape of Limburg without the tough climbs and challenging trails. The route has the ingredients for a relaxed and enjoyable ride.

THE LOCATION 2-star-rating
The route brings you along the places Nuth, Hulsberg and Voerendaal on slightly hilly terrain. Agriculture makes up a large part of the landscape and this is reflected in many country roads in the route. When riding on the route you have an a few unobstructed views of the area. The route contains no real forest, just a few lightly wooded zones. This gives you little protection from the weather influences. On the parts where you ride on asphalt (usually urban areas) you do have some protection from wind and rain. The amount of asphalt / paved roads is about 40% of the route.

THE TRAILS 2-star-rating

The route Nuth-Voerendaal lets you ride for a large percentage on asphalt and paved roads. When going offroad the trails are still wide with occasionally a narrower path (not really singletrails). The offroad trails are usually paths used by tractors. These trails consist of sand with gravel / small stones. These circumstances combined with good placement of route signs makes this a route where you can achieve a high overall pace. I was only missing one route sign in the center of Nuth. In general I was missing some trails through a forest.

THE CHALLENGE 2-star-rating
It is clear that the mtb route Nuth-Voerendaal is suited for the beginning mountainbiker. The ascending meters are relatively low and the technical difficulty is low which makes the 35km the route easier than it sounds. The inclination of the climbs is low and there are no technical obstacles in the climbs like tree roots or level differences. In the descents you will find that these are fast and pretty straight forward. The trails are wide and you are able to look far ahead.

34.4 km, 00:00:00

THE FUN FACTOR 2-star-rating
For times when you do not want to ride on asphalt all the time but want to ride offroad for a bit, the route Nuth-Voerendaal offers you what you are looking for. On the route you can ride in a nice pace on the longer stretches and the route is well signposted. The amount of people walking on the trails is minimal and there is only one traffic light in the whole route. Single trails, technical trails, challenging climbs and thrilling descents are points that I really miss in the mtb route Nuth-Voerendaal.

Like the Limburg landscape, there is variation in the mountain bike trails. Nuth-Voerendaal is a route that is mainly aimed at the novice mountain biker. With low technical difficulty and limited climbing makes this a good route to acquaint with mountainbiking in Limburg. Personally I like routes that challenge your technical skills and have singletrails with good flow. The route Nuth-Voerendaal clearly does not provide the challenge that I look for in a route, but also does not have the breathtaking environment that you find in other parts South-Limburg. If you are not a novice mountainbiker I would suggest looking at other mountainbike routes near Heerlen or Gulpen.

LOCATION 2-star-rating
TRAILS 2-star-rating
CHALLENGE 2-star-rating
FUN 2-star-rating
CONCLUSION   2-star-rating

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