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Valkenburg is by cyclists mainly known for the climb of the Cauberg and the Keutenberg. Mentioning any of these climbs will scare many Dutch cyclists. Mountain bikers however are of course more accustomed to some altitude differences, but also of this caliber?

THE LOCATION 3-star-rating
Tourism has a strong presence in Valkenburg but travel a few km away from the center of town and you will arrive in an open rural area. Many activities are held in this area but also many hikers and cyclists are active through the whole week. Valkenburg (as well as the rest of the south of Limburg) has more altitude meters compared to the rest of The Netherlands, so the overview over a large area with hills is quite special. The direct surroundings of Valkenburg don’t have a high density of forests, instead there are just a few higher density wooded zones interspersed with a few villages. What you will mainly come across are country roads alongside agricultural areas.

THE TRAILS 2-star-rating
The Valkenburg track is a mix of asphalt paths and pieces of forest. The major part of the track consists of asphalt (~ 55%), but the view makes somewhat up for it. In some parts of the track you really feel that the forested areas are connected to each other by asphalt roads and opportunities for nice trails are missed. The country roads do flow good in the dry and are often fitted with gravel. A chance of punctures from sharp rocks is present, so be prepared. Single trails are in the MTB track Valkenburg almost non-existent. In the few forested areas you'll find pretty straight forward trails with a few tree roots showing through the ground. 

THE CHALLENGE 3-star-rating
With 450 vertical meters for a lap of the MTB track Valkenburg you expect some challenging climbs. On the Schaelsberg / Molenvoetpad in Valkenburg you'll get it presented to you, a steep climb with a max gradient of about 20%. This is also the only steep uphill climb in the route. The other climbs are less steep which makes them better to ride at your own pace. Due to the high percentage of asphalt and easy trails you don't really get the feeling that it's a physically demanding track. On the other side the track does not really test your bike handling skills. If you know how to climb, descend and steer on loose gravel then there is no technical challenge for you on this track. 

26.9 km, 00:00:00

THE FUN FACTOR 2-star-rating
Riding on asphalt with my mountain bike isn't really my thing. I prefer off road technical single trails. The Valkenburg route feels like a beginner's track but with a lot of altitude meters. On the technical side, you're not challenged and single trails are almost non-existent. The beauty of the altitude differences is that you have a descent after the climb. The des cents aren’t technical descents, before climbing you should get some more appreciation in the descent. The route signs are well placed and I didn't notice any missing signs. This enables you to ride fast on the route even if it's your first time on the route.

Even though Valkenburg is popular under cyclists because of the environment and events that are held, the MTB track is not that great. During the ride on the Valkenburg MTB track you have a wide view of the area which is a mix of small urban area’s and nature. The MTB track Valkenburg offers some challenge because of the altitude differences, but other than that the track is suitable for novice mountain bikers. If you are looking for a novice MTB track with less altitude meters, then take a look at the MTB track Nuth-Voerendaal. For some more challenging MTB trails you should check out the MTB tracks of Gulpen, Epen or Heerlen (Parkstad, there are 4 tracks to ride). 

LOCATION 3-star-rating
TRAILS 2-star-rating
CHALLENGE 3-star-rating
FUN 2-star-rating
CONCLUSION   2-5-star-rating

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