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Mountain biking in central Limburg seems less popular than in the other parts of Limburg. There are nearly no routes in this area and the routes Echt/Susteren you can’t really call a MTB route. If you want to go mountain biking in this area, then the Sittard/Geleen region is the best option with the MTB route Windraak.

THE LOCATION 3 star rating
Travelling in the Netherlands from south to north you’ll notice that the landscape flattens at the center of Limburg, but not yet at Windraak. The area is still very varied with some hills, wooded areas, fields and urban areas. Riding along the route you will pass places like Sittard, Geleen, Spaubeek and obviously Windraak. Although in the view of villages is often seen, the track does not feel like you're biking in the middle of an urban area, the opposite almost. In addition to the indicated track you’ll find several (interesting) trails. These are created from MTB tours, competitions and training sessions that are held. Especially the area around Watersley contains many alternative trails that depart from the track (the KNWU Olympic Training Centre MTB is housed near this location).

THE TRAILS 3 star rating
The light urban character of the MTB track Windraak translates in a considerable amount of asphalted roads that are included in track. Since the track runs around urban areas and forests are connected to each other, also a fair amount of country roads is included. The remaining off-road trails are mainly through the forest with many single trails, steep climbs and fast descents. They have a good flow in the dry with limited amounts of tree roots. In the wet it’s a different story and the mud really sticks to your tires.  

THE CHALLENGE 3-star-rating
With 570 altitude meters and 37km of length it is considered one of the tougher tracks of The Netherlands. On the height profile here you see that you climb regularly and that there are a few steep climb. Between the climbs is often enough time to catch your breath. In wet conditions this track is physically challenging, the water stays long on the trails and the mud sucks the tires to the ground. The technical difficulty of the climbs is average with the exception of a few steep bits. The most difficult descents of the track are on average level, narrow fast single trails with some tree roots, blind corners and worn paths are things you come across.

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THE FUN FACTOR 4-star-rating
The trails in and around Windraak offer a lot of opportunities, a lot of these trails are therefore included in the route, but Watersley and quarry Spaubeek have some beautiful trails which unfortunately are not included in the official MTB track Windraak. But de trails that are included in the track are fun when you know them and can ride them at full pace. The single trails have a nice balance between technique, speed and flow. After most of the climbs you get the appreciation with a nice descent. The amount of off-road in this track feels a bit on the low, but the singletrails make somewhat up for it. The track signs are placed great on this track, one before the corner and one after the corner to confirm that you’re going to the right direction.   

The mountain bike track Windraak shows the average mountain biker around the center of Limburg a challenging track. Enough climbs that you can ride yourself into exhaustion, single trails with average technical difficulty and some fast, narrow and somewhat technical descents with a few tree roots and rocks. There's a fair amount of paved roads in the track but not an exaggerated amount. Under wet conditions, the track is less rideable but in dry conditions the single trails flow much better. Would you like to ride similar tracks in the region, then the MTB track Gulpen is a good starting point. .

LOCATION 3-star-rating
TRAILS 3-star-rating
CHALLENGE 4-star-rating
FUN 4-star-rating
CONCLUSION   3-5-star-rating

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