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A short but explosive track, that is the MTB route Reek. At just 20km from Nijmegen runs this completely offroad track on the Reekse Heath. On this 6km long track you are served a lot of single trails where you slalom between the trees, ride over many tree roots and that while riding up and down slopes.

THE LOCATION 3 star rating
Starting from the parking lot at the Reekseweg you find yourself immediately on the Reekse Heath. The MTB track Reek remains on this moorland where previously blown sand dunes still provide slight elevation in the terrain. The relative elevation differences do not exceed 5 meters and afforestation is usually pretty dense which limits the view. This does give you the feeling when riding the MTB track Reek you are cut off from the outside world. You won’t come across any cars or buildings while riding this track, just a few walkers.

THE TRAILS 3 star rating
The trails of the MTB track Reek run entirely off-road through the Reekse heath. Sand and tree roots with slight elevation changes are definitely to be expected. The narrow trails let you slalom between the trees and it is interspersed with short straighter pieces through wider moorland. On the single trails corners follow up each other quickly, trees stand close along the trails and exposed tree roots ( even in the turns). Most trails flow well as when you find the right line, otherwise you’ll lose speed and flow mainly because of the exposed tree roots.

THE CHALLENGE 2 star rating
With its 6km and 31m of elevation gain the MTB track Reek is a very light track if you look purely at these figures. The many twist and turns combined with accelerating every turn and on the many short climb provides somewhat of a challenging. Furthermore, a few sections of loose sand and exposed tree roots bringing down the pace. With this it still doesn’t become a hard track, but you are constantly dynamically on the bike. Especially when you want to ride fast it becomes an explosive track. On the technical side your cornering technique will be particularly challenged by slight elevation changes and tree roots in the corners. Furthermore, there is one dropoff but it doesn’t get more technical than this.

5.6 km, 00:15:50

THE FUN FACTOR 3 star rating
For a short route you need to quickly attract and retain the attention. For the MTB track Reek was not chosen for artificial obstacles (ramps, northshore, etc) but to let the landscape dictate the trails. Both are good depending on the execution but my preference goes out to naturally formed trails. MTB route Reek has managed to create a fun and slightly challenging track which at least managed to keep my attention for about five laps. The flow is good, the pace is high, there are many line choices on the single trails and the variety of corners challenges your cornering skills. Such a quick and dynamic track is something I prefer and it invites to ride more often. Unfortunately, the state of maintenance occasionally leaves something to be desired but all MTB track signs were there.

The MTB track Reek is a short track of just 6km and 31m of elevation that runs through the Reekse heath. A moorland with very slight elevation differences and no traffic or buildings that disturb your emersion. The route track runs completely offroad on usually single tracks that slalom between the trees. As you might expect on the moor there is loose sand, but rarely deep sandy sections. There are quite a lot of exposed tree roots which makes cornering more challenging but also takes out some speed on the longer straights. In terms of challenge this track does not offer much, but it lends itself to push yourself harder and make the track more difficult that way. On the technical side you will find the challenge limited. You can fine-tune your cornering technique but as a beginner you shouldn’t have that many difficulties completing the track. For a bigger challenge check out the nearby MTB track Nijmegen which offers more challenge on both the fitness as technical level.

LOCATION 3 star rating
TRAILS 3 star rating
CHALLENGE 2 star rating
FUN 3 star rating
CONCLUSION   3 star rating

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