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The MTB route Amerongen also uses the well-maintained flowy trails of the Utrechse Heuvelrug, but adds more challenging trails into the mix. This MTB route has a variety of trails that offer a challenge for the average mountain biker and the nature areas invite you the watch the beautiful scenery when you’re not on the single tracks.

THE LOCATION 4 star rating
Somewhat to the north-east of Amerongen lies the easily accessible parking area and starting point of the MTB route Amerongen. From this parking area you can also start the MTB routes Hoge Ginkel and Leerssum. At this point you are completely surrounded by the forests of the Utrecht Hill Ridge (Dutch: Utrechtse Heuvelrug), which you will not leave during the route. You’re riding in between the villages Amerongen and Veenendaal through a forest with varying density, where buildings are not part of the scenery. Scenic views over the area are sparse, despite the altitude differences. When you come across one, it is definitely worth stopping and enjoying the view over the heath and forest.

THE TRAILS 4 star rating
Where Rhenen is more like a roller coaster over smoothened trails, the MTB route Amerongen clearly offers more definition in the trails. You ride mainly on hard pack or a bit looser forest soil over narrow winding trails, where occasionally tree roots are sticking out of the ground. Braking bumps form quickly in the descents. After rainy periods, the MTB route Amerongen remains for the most part reasonably dry and good to ride. There are no paved roads since the route is completely off-road. Other road users, es-pecially hikers, use separate paths and will not bother you.

THE CHALLENGE 4 star rating
With 17.4km in 352m of ascent, the MTB route Amerongen belongs to the longest routes of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, but that is still on the short side. The total ascent is spread evenly over a few climbs and are not that steep. The trails flow well and don’t require that much effort (apart from the climbs) to complete the full MTB route. Exposed tree roots and fast consecutive corners require you to look far ahead and have good balance on the bike. Several small bumps on the trails give you the opportunity to playfully make mini jumps and also a few simple north-shore elements give the trails an extra dimension.

17 km, 01:26:51

THE FUN FACTOR 4 star rating
The Utrechtse Heuvelrug offers many opportunities for fun trails. Although I like the super smooth trails (Rhenen), I do prefer the less artificial feeling trails over it. Due to the variety in the route you often have the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings. From the more forested to riding past open heathlands, you won’t notice anything from the hustle and bustle from the nearby urban areas. Given the altitude differences, I had expected more scenic views, but every one I encountered was certainly worth a look at. I also find the trails worthwhile. The route does challenge your skills (especially at speed). The fast consecutive corners, bumps and tree roots ensure that you have to stay dynamic on your bike.

The MTB route Amerongen sits with 17km and 354m of ascent nice in line with a typical Dutch (hilly) MTB route, but besides that it’s far away from average. The route runs completely off-road through the forests of the Utrecht Heuvelrug and feels far away from the civilized world. The MTB route Amerongen has a large variety of beautiful single trails that technically more challenging than normal. You can find yourself on some wider forest path when you’re not on the single trails. Here you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and climb some hills at your own pace. The 354m of ascent are spread over a few climbs along the route and are not too steep. A novice can ride this route from a fitness perspective, but skill wise it’s better suited for more experienced mountain bikers who will still find some parts challenging.

LOCATION 4 star rating
TRAILS 4 star rating
CHALLENGE 4 star rating
FUN 4 star rating
CONCLUSION   4 star rating

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