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This flat 15km novice route lets you ride over the many single trails that the MTB route Austerlitz has to offer. Despite the fact that the route runs over the Utrecht Hill Ridge, there are only 87 altitude meters to be collected due to riding over many large bumps. The partly overlapping MTB route Zeist can also be ridden to increase your cycling fun.

THE LOCATION 4 star rating
A little east of Zeist, in the middle of the forest, lies the small village of Austerlitz. This is also where the monument Pyramid of Austerlitz lies, which also marks the highest point of the Utrecht Ridge (you will not ride past it). You won’t encounter any buildings during your ride, apart from café Het Beauforthuis where the route starts. The motorway in front of it separates the route in a north and south loop and is the only place where you hear traffic. Both loops let you ride over a flat and relatively densely wooded part of the Utrecht Hill Ridge. The sparse scenery you come across clearly show how beautiful this heathland is.

THE TRAILS 3 star rating
The less densely forested environment where agriculture (and building to a lesser extent) have a major influence on the type of trails. Land roads and paved roads are dominated by this MTB, but the amount of hardened roads is less than the MTB route Schlossrunde (Runde A). Normally these types of trails are the transitions to interesting trails in the forest, but the focus of the MTB route Schone Aussicht is certainly not. In the denser wooded areas, wide forest paths are on which you gradually climb or descend. Single trails are not part of this route, although several interesting (illegal) trails seem to lie along the route. The route can be driven in two directions, which, given the choice of route, does not give rise to problems.

THE CHALLENGE 2 star rating
With only 15km, 87m of ascent there is no significant climb on the route and won’t challenge your fitness much. The good flow also contributes to the ingredients for a novice MTB route. The quick successive turns over narrow trails make the route somewhat technical, especially at higher speeds. With exposed tree roots here and there in the corners you will have to look ahead and be able to corner well. Furthermore, you will not encounter any (optional) technical obstacles such as jumps and drops, making the route excellent for the novice mountain biker.

15 km, 01:27:45

THE FUN FACTOR 3 star rating
The Utrecht Hill Ridge is a beautiful nature area to cycle through. But also to stand still and enjoy the scenery, which unfortunately is not that often on this route. The many narrow windy single tracks and reasonably dense afforestation ensure that you are more focused on the trails than the surroundings. The trails have good flow and know to catch the interest of the novice as well as more experienced rider. Something I especially miss in this route compared to the more easterly routes on the Utrecht Hill Ridge is the variation in the trails. Fortunately, the adjacent (and partly overlapping) MTB route Zeist has more variation and you can easily make the switch to it due to the perfectly places route signs.

The MTB route Austerlitz is a relatively short and flat route with 15km and an ascent of 87m, especially when you realize that the route runs over the Utrecht Hill Ridge. You can certainly enjoy nature here, because you hardly ever leave the forest. Scenery across this area really here due to the lack of a big climb, but in a few rare occasions you have nice views over the heath. Climbing isn’t actually done on this flat route, because most of the ascending meters are collected by the many bumps that you drive up and down as you wind through the trees. This is also where the route mainly consists out of and can therefore appear somewhat monotonous. In addition to tree roots and loose sand, the trails further offer little challenge, making the MTB route Austerlitz extremely suitable for novice riders. The possibility to combine the route with the MTB route Zeist offers a solution for the more experienced mountain biker.

LOCATION 4 star rating
TRAILS 3 star rating
CHALLENGE 2 star rating
FUN 3 star rating
CONCLUSION   3 star rating

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