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With only 2,9km of track the MTB route Kwintelooyen is one of the shortest but definitely not one of the easiest routes. While also ascending 117m, it compares to climbing de famous Dutch hill Cauberg twice. Furthermore, the somewhat technical and windy single tracks complete the picture of a short MTB route.

THE LOCATION 4 star rating
Starting from the parking at the former sand mining Kwintelooyen, you can see in the distance the motocross circuit and upcoming ascents. This area is part of the National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug which obviously involves a natural area. The route lets you ride mainly through a mix of coniferous and deciduous forests between the villages Rhenen and Veenendaal, around the motocross circuit. In several occasions, there are beautiful sceneries over the wooded areas and the circuit. This recreational area is very quiet (when there are no activities on the motocross circuit) and other recreators use separate paths.

THE TRAILS 3 star rating
In comparison to the nearly silky smooth, pretty flat and outstandingly well maintained adjacent MTB route Rhenen, the contrast with the MTB route Kwintelooyen is high. The trails are rougher, with more bumps and exposed tree roots and more technical, as you would expect from a MTB route. Only a single flat grass section marks the start of the route, the rest that follows are only climbs and descents. The route is completely off-road over narrow hard pack single tracks that wind closely by the trees and bushes.

THE CHALLENGE 4 star rating
The 117 meters of ascent on 2,9km of distance doesn’t seem like much, but put in in perspective and it translates to 1210m for an average 30km long route. That’s unheard of in the Netherlands and is about double the amount or more of an intensive climbing route. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that this short MTB route offers some steep climbs that test your strength/fitness. If you ride the route several times in succession, you would feel the fatigue building up, but since it’s just one lap it’s not that bad. From a technical skills perspective, your balance on the bike is mostly tested in the steep and winding single tracks with some exposed tree roots. The narrow windy trails in the descents offer some challenge at speed, but can be ridden at your own pace.

2.9 km, 00:27:22

THE FUN FACTOR 3 star rating
When you ride the MTB route Rhenen prior to this one, then your expectations are high, perhaps too high. You’re spoiled with excellent flow and speed, requiring almost no pedal stroke. In my opinion Kwintelooyen brings you somewhat back to the basics, which is also fun. The trails feel gradually emerged instead of sculpted, there are “mountains” that you just can’t sprint up with your “bike”, you need to get out of the saddle to be able to ride it all and the natural surroundings change around you during the ride. Both have their own charm, but what keeps me personally from riding Kwintelooyen more often, is that the route is too short to have enough variation to keep me interested.

The MTB route Kwintelooyen is at 2,9km one of the shortest MTB routes in the Netherlands but with 117meters of ascend certainly not the easiest. The MTB route Kwintelooyen is located between Rhenen and Veenendaal and lies in the National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The route runs completely off-road and guides you through the forests surrounding the motocross circuit, where also from some spots beautiful sceneries can be seen. The route consists mainly of winding single tracks that run straight along the trees and other vegetation. Your cornering and climbing skills are the main technical skills that are put to the test. There are some steep climbs with exposed tree roots, but the descents are not that steep and can be ridden at your own pace. The route is more difficult than the figures suggest and therefore less suitable for novice mountain bikers. The adjacent MTB route Rhenen is then a much better starting point. For experienced mountain bikers, it can offer an excellent training course (when ridden multiple times), however, combining it with one of the adjacent routes is more likely.

LOCATION 4 star rating
TRAILS 3 star rating
CHALLENGE 4 star rating
FUN 3 star rating
CONCLUSION   3 5 star rating

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