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One of the most popular MTB routes on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug is the short MTB route Rhenen. On this short 6,5km track, time flies while riding on the fast, flowy and well maintained single tracks. This is a route suited for novice mountain bikers but, due to the variation of winding trails, offers enough fun for the more experienced riders.

THE LOCATION 4 star rating
Starting from the car park at the Autoweg in Rhenen you’ll just need a few pedal strokes to be on the MTB route Rhenen. At that moment, you’re already surrounded by the forests of the Utrecht Hill Ridge (Dutch: Utrechtse Heuvelrug), which you won’t be leaving during the course of the MTB route. In this area, the view is quite limited due to the relatively dense afforestation and in the rare occasion of a wider view, it’s over agricultural areas. The area itself is very peacefull, noise of traffic is barely perceivable and buildings are (with the exception of the scouting club) not present along the route.

THE TRAILS 3 star rating
It’s clear that the MTB route Rhenen placed the emphasis on the design of the route and maintains it very well. The result Is very smooth windy trails where you barely need a pedal stroke to get up to speed. These trails are then alternated with a variety of winding short climbs to keep the ascents interesting. The route runs completely off-road over a bit loose but mostly hardpack forest trails with barely any tree roots. The trails for mountain bikers and hikers are separated but passing other mountain bikers on the many single trails is somewhat difficult.

THE CHALLENGE 2 star rating
With 6.5km and 108hm, the MTB Route Rhenen has a fair amount of ascending meters for its distance. While short, you’ll probably ride the route multiple times and this can accumulate in to 26km with 432 ascending meters. These numbers are quite common in the most hilly parts of the south of the Netherlands, but rare elsewhere in the country. The well-rolling and flowing trails, along with the gradual climbs, make a single run of the MTB route Rhenen not that demanding. Great technical skills isn’t a requirement since the main challenge comes from keeping your balance and looking through the corners. Novice mountain bikers can ride everything in their own pace, while more experience mountain bikers can challenge themselves at higher speeds in the quicker successive corners.

6.5 km, 00:19:02

THE FUN FACTOR 4 star rating
On many short routes (10km), usually more attention is payed to the trails which can result in very interesting routes. I feel that the MTB route Rhenen definitely succeeded in making an interesting route. The nice flow and well-maintained trails are the most notable points. Keeping a nice flow and pace are easy, but not too easy that it transforms in a novice MTB route. Many variations of corners are spaced well in succession to each other, that transform the route in more of a challenge for experienced bikers when ridden hard. This compensated, in my opinion, largely the lack of other technical features.

The MTB route Rhenen is with only 7km of trails (and 106 ascending meters) the second shortest MTB route on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. This trail runs completely off-road through the dense forest, giving you almost the feeling of being sealed off from the outside world. There are hardly any sounds of traffic perceivable and you only come across one building. Hiking trails are clearly separated from MTB trails. The MTB route Rhenen consists almost entirely of winding single trails with a good flow, allowing you to keep the pace high. The climbs are short and gradually rise, allowing the entire route to be ridden easily at your own pace. Looking at the required technical skills required; a novice mountain biker can ride it fully with somewhat of a challenge. A good balance and cornering skills are the most important points to ride on this route. Experienced mountain bikers won’t be challenged from a skills perspective, unless the pace is screwed up and the successive fast corners become more of a challenge.

LOCATION 4 star rating
TRAILS 3 star rating
CHALLENGE 2 star rating
FUN 4 star rating
CONCLUSION   3 5 star rating

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