All Mountain Style Frame Guard Long Term Review: Protection for life?

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The muddy season is at our doorstep, with wear being a larger enemy of the bike. Frame protection against abrasion, but also all season long against stone chipping can keep your frame in top shape. All Mountain Style addresses this in addition to improving/customizing the looks of your bike. About 16 months ago I put the AMS Frame Guard on the bike, so it’s time for a long term review.


The Honeycomb Frame Guard is All Mountain Style's (AMS) most well know product. The Frame Guard from this Spanish based company is designed and produced in-house and is made from an impact and abrasion resistance honeycomb semi-rigid PVC, 380 microns thick and backed with an automotive adhesive.

AMS Frame Protector Clear Wolf 11
Honeycomb design.

AMS features a selection of designs, larger sets of stickers for more frame coverage and a few colors. The design is mostly modular within a chosen design and the frame sets include a few smaller stickers specific for cable wear protection.

AMS Frame Protector Clear Wolf 12
AMS Clear Wolf design.

The design and kit chosen here (to preplace the old AMS Clear) is the Basic Protection set for the top tube with Clean Wolf design. The Basic Protection set consists of 9 pieces, 3 of which are circle shaped against cable wear. Pricing starts at €25 excl shipping for the Basic Protection set, going up to €85 for a Total Protection set for the whole frame. I paid €21,90 for the Basic set, check the most up to date prices on: Amazon (affiliate link, purchases on Amazon support at no additional cost)

Removal and installation

The old AMS (part of the Frame Guard Basic Clear) had to go first. An automotive-grade adhesive is used and a hairdryer or heatgun is recommended for the removal. However, I tried to remove the stickers without any addition of heat and with succes. The stickers in my case could quite easily be removed without leaving glue residue behind. Only the edges had some dirt/glue which removed without any issue and the result was like new.

AMS Frame Protector Clear Wolf 13
Easy and clean removal.

Installation was about as easy as the removal. A bit of planning goes in to where the stickers go and what distance you want in between the smaller modular parts. The PVC stickers are tough with a noticeable honeycomb texture, but flexible enough to follow the shape of your bike. The adhesive is also strong enough to keep the stickers in place around tighter curves. When installing there is a tiny bit of wiggle room to adjust/align when laying down the sticker. Once fully placed you won't be able to move it. Nearly no air bubbles were underneath and the few that were, were removed with a bit of pressure towards the edges. with ease. These stickers are fortunately not comparable to screen protectors for your phone where a spec of dust can ruin it all.

AMS Frame Protector Clear Wolf 14
AMS Frame Guard Clear Wolf installed.

Long term on the trails

The first non-design AMS stickers that I removed were on the bike for about 2 years, before being replaced by the Clean Wolf design. Initially I wanted some frame protection against the brake/shifter hitting the top tube. With the Basic Protection set I wanted to protect the top tube a bit more, addressing scratches from knee protectors as well.

AMS Frame Protector Clear Wolf 15
Small damage on the right side, shifter against the top tube. No damage to the frame/paint.

With a crash the brake (exposed nut where the brake line enters, normally under the rubber cover with SRAM brakes) hit the top tube and only gave small visible damage to the right side of the top tube frame protector. It did not reach the paint underneath, which I would call effective.

AMS Frame Protector Clear Wolf 16
Modular design for extending the top tube protection.

The AMS Clear Wolf's were put on 16 months ago and in that time I only had a few minor crashes for the top tube protection to handle. There is no visible damage to the protector or the frame and it looks like new (not yellow due to UV-radiation). Riding with knee protectors in the mud can quickly give scratches on the top tube when dirty. Looking at the hex texture, there doesn't seem to be any noticeable difference in wear due to abrasion.

AMS Frame Protector Clear Wolf 17
No visible damage after 16 months of use.

Stickers coming loose at the edges or smaller stickers moving as a whole is often a sign of bad adhesion. On a well cleaned frame these stickers stayed in place. Sometimes corners come loose in places where they have to follow smaller curves and the material wants to go back to its natural (flat) state. Normal detergents for cleaning the bike had no influence on the AMS frame guards.

One point to mention is that the stickers are thicker and tougher than normal, but that also means that here is an noticeable edge. The Frame Guard come in a fixed width, so if you have a wide (top)tube, it can end in a spot where your leg can rub against it.


All Mountain Style has put out a quality frame protector which lives up to the expectations. It protects the bike, doesn't move or let go, easy to install and remove. A large part of this product is also the design. If you like the designs is a personal thing. There are limited color options and colored designs. A fully custom design is not possible, but that's is in line with most of the competition. The stickers are modular so you can extend the protected surface and continue the design where you need. A larger width option is something that I feel missing is the current lineup with wider tubes (especially e-bikes).

AMS Frame Protector Clear Wolf 18
All Mountain Style Frame Guard Basic Protection set.

Priced at €25 is a bit higher than the generic 3M protective sheets/stickers, but it feels fair for the quality you get for it. From a durability standpoint AMS claims that it "Will last longer than your bike.". I wouldn't go that far, but seeing how it performed the last 16 months I do expect it to hold up quite well for a few years. rating   4 5 star rating
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