Looking for lightweight trail/enduro pedals you’ll be balancing between weight and durability. With Shimano’s track record in durability and their competitive pricing, you could be easily swayed to team blue. Even the iconic SPD goes back about 30 years and barely needed change, but the pedals as a whole did changed a lot over time. At the forefront of this innovation sits XTR and the M9210 Trail is Shimano’s newest offering that we’re going to have a closer look at.

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Crankbrothers pedals are well known for their mud shedding capabilities, but also have a bad reputation in terms of reliability. That is why, since 2016, they have introduced new bearings and seals for all pedals. So, in order to check if it’s actually is an improvement, it was time for a long-term review. So after almost 4300km, 2 visits to a bike park and 6 XC races, its time to look back and see how well they managed.

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Protection of the outer sole isn’t something that first comes to mind, but if you have carbon soled shoes it really should. Bar-style pedals like Crankbrothers Eggbeaters or Time ATAC pedals gradually dig in to your soles over time. A simple solution like the Crankbrothers Shoe Shields prevent that from happening.

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Mavic isn’t known for making pedals but they partnered up with Time and rolled out a whole new series of pedals for mountain bikers as well as for the road. The Mavic Crossride SL Elite is a compact body float style pedal which features Time’s ATAC system. The similarities however go much further than that.